Monday, 6 June 2011

New but Old

We have finally got a chance to make our new house a home....we have added new items, changed a few things about, throw and charity shopped a lot to fit into her petite measurements!!

I still feel she is a bit cluttered but its a work in progress right?!!

This painting was a junk shop the most horrid yellowing plastic frame, I walked past it twice, moved it into a few different lights and decided I loved it...with the Wonderful Dutchman giving his seal of approval we bought it for £ original oil painting...yellow plastic frame and all!!

A lovely new frame later and a freshly painted wall she looks as good as new.

Every time I walk past it, it captures my attention, I love how art can do that to you.


Kay said...

the picture is so lovely....well spotted you!!xx

Lobster and swan said...

love the colours you have used x


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