Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Handmade Hungerford

Thursday night is the night for 'Handmade Hungerford'....will you be there??

After a lot of thinking I decided that I need to meet some lovely like minded people. Coming to a new area where you only have family to chat to I'm missing my happy friends being so close by. So when trying to find a class or group to join, I noticed that there is a lack of creative outlets in Hungerford and the surrounding cute villages, so a hatched a plan.

Empty shop in the evening....too many craft projects on the go....why not combine the two?

Handmade Hungerford is a chance to meet like minded happy chappies who love to craft, learn and create. 
It is free, fun and I hope informative....

It is happening every other Thursday at Martin & the Magpie at 7pm. Starting on the 16th June.
Bring your project, some wine, gin, juice, and your happy face.

I hope to see you lovely local crafters there!!

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