Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Miss Katie & Mr Noel

A month ago The Wonderful Dutchman and I were at Miss Katie's & Mr Noel's wedding. It was a glorious day of love, laughter, happiness and tipi's! It seems like 4 months ago & I cant believe I havent blogged her bouquet! 

Miss Katie originally wanted an ivory bouquet, but once she had found her dress and told me about it we decided on a mixture of purples....3 different tones worked a treat!!

I tried different colours to bind the took a while to finally go bold with her handle...the plum worked so well, and a little change is always good.

Miss Katie married my best friend. I have known him since I was 12, shockingly that was 18 years ago. Noel is a wonderful friend, always positive, happy and possibly the most talkative person I know. He is so hardworking. He traded his talents in metal work for their wedding bands, making protective window frames for the jeweler who created their rings....stories like that are never far away with this adorable couple :)

I cannot express what pride I had seeing them get married. Being a little part of it was beautiful.
I wish this gorgeous little family all the luck, love, health, wealth and happiness this Magpie can give.
Here is to may more cute babies, a lifetime of holding hands, a showering of kisses every day, a million hugs and for the stars to shine so brightly over their marriage.
I love you guys!!


Natalie Gore said...

What a beautiful bouquet... for a very beautiful lady too! it looks like they had a lovely day! Oh Miss Emma, you truly are talented! x

Kay said...

absolutely beautiful miss magpie...and it couldn't have been for a more lovely couple....xx

Katie said...

Ahhh, thank you for such a lovely blog Miss Magpie, extremely touching and we feel honoured to have had you and the wonderful Dutchman as part of our day too. You made such a beautiful addition to our wedding, a treasure that we can keep forever and look at when we are grey and sitting on our porch. Thank you sweets!

And thank you Kay and Natalie for your lovely comments!! Very sweet. All the very very best for yours and Luke's special day too Natalie!

Katie xxx


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