Friday, 7 January 2011

Proud ~ Part 2

Who is this gorgeous photo of I hear you cry?? This is my fantastic friends Nats, I have posted about her before HERE

Last year I chatted about her Wonderful Black Country boy Luke HERE .

They are T.H.E M.O.S.T talented couple I know. When I saw this picture of Nats I thought never has a photo summed someone up so well....Strong....Gorgeous....Skillful....and someone who has a huge passion for the past.

She is making chain in this picture....yes that is right....she is one of the last female chain makers in the country. She is also a super fabulous Artist who is working on a children's book as we speak.

Later on in the year, this stunning couple are tying the knot in a rather exciting will have to wait to hear more about that.....but her bouquet is going to be AMAZING!!

Pop over and see Natalie Gore's work HERE
An article of Brian Griffin's exposition is might be able to spot Luke as well!!

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