Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Five Years of Vintage Magpie

Well doesn't time fly when you having fun!!

I truly cannot believe it has been 5 years since I started Vintage much has happened in those years it makes my head whirl with memories and exciting moments.....

As many of you are aware that the idea of Vintage Magpie came to me in a dream....a vision of a bride walking down the aisle with a bouquet of was one of those exciting moments which have defined the last five years of my life.
I quickly started to work out how I could achieve this look....New Years eve 2005, I had moved into a new and my Scottie dog spent New Years eve working on the first Vintage Magpie prototype.... just as quickly as the dream the came so did the prototype.....I have never looked back.

I remember the first time You &Your Wedding asked to photograph my bouquet.....I was food shopping with my Ma and I took the phone call......after I had finished the call, I joyfully danced a jig in the cold meat aisle!!

Since then I have worked so hard creating more and more beautiful Bouquets.....I have fought hard to make a name for Vintage Magpie....I have fought off the dreaded copy cats, which have reduced me to tears and wondering about peoples morals. But as the years have gone on I have got used to that....I am so proud of my eye for detail, the workmanship of my bouquets and the use of vintage items that I'm 100% dedicated to.

This year is going to be the best year yet for Vintage Magpie. Change is in the air, a new image a new website, a new web shop and a new exciting range of Bouquets.

Last year was a whirlwind year....Me and the Wonderful Dutchman got married and a lot of my time was dedicated to the planning and DIY elements of our day. I took a little step back from Vintage Magpie and limited my workload due to these factors. This saw me producing bouquets at a much more workable rate... I took more time to source the vintage items, making sure every Brides was happy, and their requirements met.

This got me thinking......

This year Vintage Magpie will be offering her Brides a collection of bouquet which will be released every few months. This will cater to my wonderful brides who are on a strict budget. The price range will start from £150. My VM Brides will be able to buy online and get their bouquet delivered within a few days.....this means you can buy your  perfect wedding bouquet before you even have a ring on your finger!!!

I will of course still be making bespoke bouquets.....As the  demand for my work grows every year...... this year already having seen my inbox have 200 enquires this month....... I’m having to limit my bespoke bouquets to orders over £600.... this is due to the amount of time I dedicate to your bouquet, and the length’s I will go to to find the perfect things for your design. Not to mention the increasing cost of Vintage items, as it is now such a sort after element to so many weddings and homes.

Vintage weddings are not set to go away, and in five years this is my first time I have had to change the way I work. this way, I believe gives everybody a chance to have a Vintage Magpie wedding bouquet and still gives me time to work with Brides on a bespoke level.....
The photos in this blog post shows the extremes I go to to create a unique bouquet for my wonderful VM brides....I can buy similar cheap ready made elements like this, but I will happily wire them all day so I know my Vintage Magpie Bouquets are authentically Handmade, Handcrafted, Bespoke and Vintage and totally Divinely Decadent Bouquets and this is never going to change.

I recently had a Bride to come and see me who stated that a bespoke Vintage Magpie bouquet is just like a  bespoke wedding dress; knowing that it has been made for you....the time dedicated to making the dress, made for your body, changing every stitch and working hard to get it perfect for you....and succeeding. I thought that summed up my bespoke range perfectly

Like wise with my 'ready to wear' collection of bouquets I'm so excited to see what you think of them....updates are coming very soon....Vintage Magpie is excitedly looking to the future and lovingly the past......

....My first bespoke Vintage Magpie Bouquet for a paying customer (Natalie)....I loved it....and still do....however I am proud to say my photography skills have got 100% better!!


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Kay said...

i cannot believe its been 5 much has happened to us both....heres to the next chapter of vintage magpie!!xxxx


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