Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sparkling Ivory Rose

Vintage Magpie's gorgeous little beauty; The Sparkling Ivory Rose Bouquet, has just gone up for sale on my Etsy

I love her simple, stylish, and elegant lines...and those super hard to find millinery flowers just add a wonderful authentic vintage feel.
She is £330 which includes a next day delivery. Contact me if you are interested...or simply buy her from my Etsy.

Recently there has been a huge increase in the amount of people attempting to copy my work... it makes me sad... I am strangely not angry, some of their bouquets are laughable. This might sound a bit harsh, but I hate that these people are claiming to be using Vintage, when it is obvious that most of the bouquet is new and very cheap.
A few are using a small amount of vintage but most are not. I dislike this...I wish and want people to be honest... Some are more expensive than me, and they have only 20% vintage items in them. This is truly riping a bride off...

My bouquets are 80% vintage ( the only things that I use that is new is the wire and the small flowers...but sometimes these are vintage like in the bouquet above!!) and in the last 4 years it has become increasing hard to find quality vintage items.
The 'Vintage' wedding is here to stay.... therefore it is a look that everyone wants and are searching for. This makes my job A LOT more difficult!!
But I am committed to the search and it makes my day when I find a treasure... But I urge anyone who thinks I'm out of there price range to please just contact me and ask....I will always give honest and real advice. I offer a truly vintage item, which is made with love, authenticity and pride. I hope this comes across in the beauty of my work.
Happy Bank Holiday Weekend !!


Anonymous said...

Wow I love this bouquet!! As i madly search items and accessories for my wedding I have seen a few 'fake' vintage bouquets but I would like to say they are nothing compared to your stunning 'true' vintage items and Im sure other brides realise this. Im looking forward to my bouquet that I have ordered from you and as I just love your cake toppers and corsages im staying a 'true' vintage magpie customer.

Kay said...

you are the 'original' and of course the best...others may try to copy but in true authenic fashion you stand on a skyscraper above them and i am sure that when these people try to compete that they realise that its not that easy....think Rachel Ashwell...the world and his wife call all manor of tat shabby chic..but every one knows it was her who started it..chin up and two fingers to the plagerists!!! xx

5 Star Weddings said...

Such an amazing wedding bouquet, fantastic for any vintage wedding theme.

Jane said...

Another stunning bouquet from Vintage Magpie, I love yours so much I haven't even looked elsewhere. Would love to order my bouquets from you but having trouble getting through to you, what do you suggest?

Emma said...

hi Jane,
Im so sorry you have had problems getting in touch with me. There is an email me button on the right hand side of my blog. If that doesn't work please feel free to phone me on 07876 344148.
If that still doesn't work, can you pop your email address on here and i will contact you directly.
Again i am so soon!

Jane said...

Hi Emma,
I have emailed you but I'm worried they're not getting through so my email address is
and my fiance's is
if mine just isn't working
I look forward to hearing from you
thank you


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