Monday, 17 May 2010

Amsterdam in photos...

Don't you want to live here? I know I do!!

Brides..I cant get away from them!! a glorious backdrop for a photo shoot

Isn't that door just fab!! I love the date with the heart..I cannot get over just how old these pristine buildings are.

If i had 8000 euro I would of bought her....her hair waves into birds in flight....a simply stunning lady.

The blossom was in full show....

This stunning field was Hyacinths in full bloom....the smell was so beautiful...

The blossom showing off again against a lovely stone carving

...a stream of Muscari....this year the scent of everything was divine!

This handsome chap guards Amsterdam at sunset....some find him scary' but I think he is wonderful!

The beauty of Amsterdam's canal houses

A delicious dinner with the most amazing salad bar......

Apple pie.....words cannot describe; nor a photo show, just how huge this pie was!!

The cheese shop didn't do just cheese!! these were hard to resist on our last morning!

It is forever changing, but stills stays beautiful, the bikes seem to double every time....but
I stay safe on my feet, wandering the tiny street, hand in hand with the Wonderful Dutchman..... slowly starting to understand the chatter of passers by..... feeling more and more at home....


FIONA said...

Emma your words are so poetic and go so well with your photos, love your blog :)

Kay said...

ahhh....what memories...can it only be a month ago!!!xx

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Miss I am starving!! That apple pie looks delish!

Yes, Amsterdam is a lovely place. Though I have never been there in person, I feel as though I have be visiting your sweet post.

((hugs))to you and Bob,


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