Thursday, 11 March 2010

Etsy 2010

I have spent today updating my Etsy shop....I think my eyes are square after a day on the computer!
I have been for a while wanting to update my website, put in a online shop, smarten her up and put on better photos..... Then a certain Wonderful Dutchman proposed to me and all our available cash is going on our wedding.... We are sticking to our budget, but I can now completely understand how people end up spending thousands upon thousands of pounds to achieve the 'Perfect' day.
I understand how lucky I am to be creative, as I am cutting out a lot of spending by making a lot myself....and boy I am having so much fun in the process!!

So after a few months wondering what to do I have decided to stock up etsy.

If you have never been on Etsy you must have a is great for ideas, and has wonderful cost effective ways of making your wedding/life/workspace/dollhouse/tree house/summerhouse/home beautiful!!

It is a world of small designers like myself, putting our work out there into the world and hoping that someone adores it enough to buy it!

I understand that some people might be put off by the fact it is all in US dollars, but this is so easy to convert. I use XE a website that will convert any money for you, so you know how much an item is!! I use it all day long, and it is always very near to the PayPal exchange rate.

If any of you are confused, or would like to buy something but are unsure about PayPal/Etsy etc...please feel free to email me here....the button is on the right hand side!

Etsy is I warn you now!!


Minky Magic said...

Etsy is a full time job! My little shop on there needs a complete makeover too!

Helen said...

Your work is lovely. Love the soft romantic colour tones. Good luck with your Etsy shop.


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