Thursday, 29 January 2009

Vintage Magpie's silver sparkler!

This is the newest bespoke Vintage Magpie design. A mixture of white, grey/black pearls and a wonderful french silver ribbon.

I cannot tell you how much I love this is made of a ultra fine silver wire and sparkles and twinkles, no wonder my Magpie eye caught sight of it.

I have had a day off today, had a divine sleepy morning, then decided to tackle the courtyard.

I love the yard, but over the horrid weather we have been having, it had taken on the look of a neglected, rain soaked mess.

So warm coat on, furry boots on.... everything moved .... scrubbed....spiders removed (never killed!)

Plants re-housed, a few new ones put in, and some wonderful dutch bulbs laying in their soil beds....with a wish they will emerge beautiful very soon.

The Wonderful Dutch man's Hertog Jan beer is safe and sound. He is a florist, and gets the flower seller (who is from Holland) to bring a crate over for him....He is in a Dutch man's bliss when one is in his hand!!

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