Thursday, 22 January 2009

The first Vintage Magpie Aussie Wedding

The thought of these little beauties flying through this horrid weather and landing a day later in tropical sunshine fills my heart with envy.

These are for my first ever Australian bride. Although not the first piece of Vintage Magpie heaven to see the shores of Oz... remember Elle?? She got a special 21st Birthday slice of VM, a one off special design for a one off special gal.
Hopefully one day she might use her dinky bouquet when she gets married. Or maybe give it to her daughter on her 21st birthday...... who knows.
Don't you love the feeling of being a part of someones history? I love to think that I have added to my brides history. One day they will tell the story of their bouquet to their family, and it will be treasured for the memories.
Can you tell I'm a romantic at heart?
Enjoy Romina xxx

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