Saturday, 31 January 2009

End of the month moods...

Can you believe it is the last day of January??

The days are getting a bit longer, the bulbs are springing up, and today I saw an elegant blanket of snowdrops in some lucky persons garden.

But for some reason I'm having a moody day...

So with Harry Potter being read to me by Stephen Fry, I decided I needed to re-do my mood board.

I have read the secret and it is something I find so useful. The idea is to put all your dreams and wants on a board and look at it everyday. The positive feeling you should get when you see the images, will in turn, help to draw these things to you.

I'm sure it works, not because its magic, but it puts a fire into your tummy to achieve. To make it work. To follow your bliss.

I use pictures from magazine that I find beauty in, photos, words that help me smile, things I desire, my dreams.... do you see the Fiat 500?? The lovely blue bird pin?? The words of wisdom?? Me and the Wonderful dutch Man happy in Amsterdam?? The colour of the roses??

It would work really well if your having problems working out your theme for your wedding!

Go on, give it a whirl!!

1 comment:

kay said...

The end of the month finished in a blur I was so busy..I love your board..esp.the horse!! I've been thinking about doing mine again...I must find the time...xx


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