Monday, 26 January 2009

I want....

Now I hate to sound like a spoilt child, but there is something that I want.

I thought I would NEVER say I wanted it, but hey a girl can change her mind!

I once learnt how to drive on a far and distance part of Scotland, were filter lanes hadn't been invented.... traffic lights where few and far between.... no-one used their indicators.... and life was slow.

Perfect for a girl who had put off learning this life skill until she was 23.

I passed first time, in my flame red polo...then promptly moved to a, round about, filter lane, motorway ridden town. AHHHHHHHHH!!

This was where my driving ceased... and never again has it been taken up.

but I saw one of these today....

Be still my beating heart!

Maybe I could be a brave girl and take it up again for one of these little Bambinos?

Love, Love, Love..... now which colour? Any ideas?

2 comments: said...
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Emma said...

I met someone with one of these the other day...small car to some but she had herself, her husband,two children and two dogs in it!!! Is this a record!! Hers was black and utterly fab-u-lous!!!!
Go get one girl who cares about filter lanes????... everybody will be staring saying wow!! whos that in that great car!!! Hugs xxx

From Ma x


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