Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A weekend with a surprise!

This weekend I went to Amsterdam...and the wonderful Dutch man didn't know a thing about it!

I was invited to his surprise leaving party by his parents around a month ago, and it has been top secret, and the hardest thing to not let it slip...in fact I surprised myself in my ability to lie!

His face was a picture when he saw me sitting on the sofa at his parents house. A double take was needed!!

The party was a big success and his friends have made sure that he will not go hungry. As the biggest hamper I have ever seen nearly failed to get through the front door!! Needless to say there will be no lack of dutch food in our house for months!!

It made me realise how precious our friends and family are. 'I will look after him well', was my phase of the day!!

But the star of the show (as always!) was the wonderful dutch mans nephew; Tim. I have never known a baby to be so happy all day long. Tim and I have a close bond....as he doesn't speak dutch either!! We get on smashingly!!

A fabulous time was had by all!! xxx

the three of us relaxing after the madness has died down!

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