Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saying Goodbye

The Wonderful Dutchman and I have been experiencing rather a lot of changes since we got married.

The biggest has been moving from our beautiful Home in Brighton. The reason is fantastically exciting, but never the less I was incredibly sad about it.

I have lived there for 4 years. First with my darling sister, until she bought herself an adorable flat near by. Then with that Wonderful Dutchman of mine!

It is where friendships were forged, family gathered, & secrets told. It was where we shared our first kiss....fell in Love, got Engaged, and got Married.

It has seen such love, laughter, fun and happiness, that locking the door the final time was heart breaking.

So many wondrous moments....I shall miss it...but my heart is heavy with happy memories and surly that is what this life of ours is all about.

The next Chapter of my life is starting....being Mrs Bakker is just divine!


1 comment:

Martin said...

I'm glad you like being my wife! But I was sad to leave too. So many good memories... It was basically where it all started! But I also have to say I can't wait for the things to come! Love you! xxx


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