Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Our Wedding ~ My Bouquet

So, here we go!! The first part of our wedding..... My bouquet.

I have to admit that this task daunted me...I felt the pressure of creating something different and super special that everyone would be amazed by...then I thought about it.

I realised that the bouquets I love are the ones with personal pieces, simple styling, and plenty of sparkle!

So that is what I created.... I re-worked it 3 times until I was happy with it....then I added the drop a week before the wedding!!

Then I was a happy Magpie ;)

It contains all my favorite things..... a beautiful French Ribbon, which matched my dress perfectly.... some of the Wonderful Dutchmans Mum's lace.

A cute gold drop brooch which I love....

Some lucky clover....with a touch of our green.... and my Grandma's Pearls....I never met her but she was with me on my wedding day.

A Dutch Windmill!! and some gorgeous Mother of Pearl buttons.

It is filled with pieces I have kept for this ocassion, it is filled with my history, my future and I love it. It was a joy to hold on my wedding day, it was passed around the tables and everyone got a up close look!
Joy, Sparkle and Love....a perfect recipe for a bouquet xxx

1 comment:

Kay said...

....and it and you looked totally stunning!!1xxx


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