Thursday, 12 August 2010

Our Wedding ~ Favour Tags

I have posted these gorgeous little tags before...... I adore them so much! I got them here...

Originally I was going to stick them on our favour bags...but in true wedding style things have changed. So I though a swing tag would be better....I set to work sticking them to my beautiful vellum that we used on our wedding invites.

I evenly spaced them, then cut them out.....

...I was left with a satisfying deck of cute rounds...not perfect....but what is?

...I then took my largest needle and threaded my divine twine through. I have to say that this twine is an utter delight....It has been used on EVERYTHING so far, and there is still tonnes left.... I love the look it gives and they make it in loads of colours!

....I then simply knotted the twine.....

.....Job Done!!!!!!!!

Once again a lovely fun part of the wedding preparation. Simple enough for even the non-crafty Bride!
I have finished all my VM work until our feels weird not to be thinking about all my wonderful brides....wiring crystals, or finding vintage treasure, but it is lovely to relax and to have only this bride to think of!
5 weeks to go...........I cannot believe how quickly it has gone! xxx


Martin said...

You are so clever! I can't wait to marry you! Love you! xxx

Jon Keith Diamonds said...

that is SUCH a cute comment - made me go all teary!

Martin is right tho, you are VERY clever and i cant WAIT to hear all about your Wedding Day!


Emma said...

Thank you going to be amazing x

Mrs JKD, how lovely of you to comment....the wonderful dutchman is totally cute i agree... he is my diamond!
Have a beautiful weekend x

abitkitsch said...

I have been looking for wedding favour/ tags etc ideas and stumbled across your site! What lovely ideas! I have been trying to go for a vintage theme and just picked up some gorgeous fascinators from, i don't know if you used them? but am struggling for favour ideas. What did you use? I intend stealing your tag idea btw! x

Emma said...

Our wedding favor was a cupcake, as we didnt want to do the cake cutting thing! 3 different coloured icing placed on the side plates with one of these thank you tags on them...simple and everyone loved the cakes....ohhh and they all kept the tags!


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