Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Meet Olive...

For an age I have been looking for a vintage sewing machine....one that is sturdy, and I can hopefully fix if it goes wrong...a simple but hard working beast!

I come across a few, now and again, but nothing that looked like it would work and was in okay condition....therefore I gave up searching and told my Ma that for my Birthday I would love machine like my grandmothers.... a zippy, quiet, and faithful machine that has been with her for a very long time.... she finished my bunting for me, as my little machine couldn't cope with the thickness of all that fabric!

So when my Ma and me saw this little beauty at a tiny car boot sale at the weekend....my eyes lit up....Vintage...check.....fab retro green....check.....working .....we took the risk ;)......price....a complete bargain at £4!!!! can you believe that... yes!...FOUR English pounds!!!

She is an Italian beauty, from around 1955....she weighs a tonne, but after a touch of oil, a new needle and a bit of TLC, she is working (nearly) perfectly. Her stitches are divine, she even has a stitch at 1mm....so stunning. She came with 7 different feet...some I am unsure of, but I cannot wait to start making gorgeous things with her.....

....I think this is the start of something beautiful!!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

She is a beauty! I think Miss Olive will be quite content living with you!

Happy Stitching!!


Emma said...

ahhh thank you becky....she is a gem...i cant wait for my first project!

Louise said...

Very jealous!! complete bargain at £4 and i wish you and miss olive a very long and happy life together :)


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