Sunday, 18 July 2010

Our Wedding ~ Update

I cannot believe that in 2 months our wedding day will be has flown by so quickly.
We are in the final stages of completing all the small, but very important bits....I made a start on the seating plan board today....

I started to paint and then remembered I needed to take a before and after shot of the board... hence the green paint on the top!!

It is just a big cheap cork board which I have painted.... I will then put either an old map or some wallpaper on the cork....and then pin peoples names to the correct table. I thought this would be good idea, so if there are changes to the plan all I have to do it re-pin them somewhere else!

I love this green....and it looks heavenly against the red of our window box....
I also made a start on the order of service......this is going to be very simple with a cute handmade look...and yes the photo booth picture is making an appearance again!

These simple things are what has been the most fun about the whole wedding has made it so personal, and so very US...which is surely what it is all about!
I also had a dress fitting, wine tasting, champagne tasting and a hair trial all in one day! I am finally feeling very organised!
Happy Sunday everyone xxx


Anonymous said...

The best comments we had from our day was people saying it was very 'us'.

So we may not have had all the traditional wedding bits and bobs and we may have done things that weren't to everyone's taste (especially the mother in law!) but it was 100% us.

And that's what made it perfect. That and my VM bouquet of course, ;-)

Jude x

Emma said...

Ahhh thank you Jude...dont worry when you see the photos you will start to understand just how 'us' it is!! I'm loving it....
I hope married life is treating you well honey xxx


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