Friday, 9 April 2010

An Anniversary Surprise

The wonderful Dutchman and I celebrated our anniversary last week... he surprised me with a meal out. These have few and far between as we save for our wedding....

We popped to our favorite part of Brighton and had a wonderful Japanese meal. Oh I can still taste it those prawns... divine!!

They give you a origami animal to create while you wait... The Wonderful Dutchman has a super hopping frog!

Coffee and a peppermint tea.....hmmm..... a perfect evening with the most perfect man.
Thank you for my surprise!!!


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Emma, How sweet . . you both make a beautiful couple. My husband and I both love Japanese food also. Have a good day!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You are absolutely the MOST adorable couple in Brighton, England! Happy Anniversary, Emma and Mr. Dutchman! I am so happy that you had a chance to share a most glorious and memorable evening.


PS: Still haven't forgotton the pkg....

Kay said...

thats a beautiful photo of you both and the meal sounds yummy..can't wait to see you all later today xxxxxxx


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