Friday, 18 December 2009

Simply Magical

A few doors down and this is what I found!

Wearing warm and snug Ugg boots...dry and cosy...

Loving the humour of Brightonians

Soooo pretty!

Pebbles? None to be seen, just a gorgeous blanket of deep snow

All the professionals out trying to find that 'perfect' shot! I had to take a photo as it made me life through a lens!!

A break in the paparazzi meant I got my shot!

Fancy a sit down?

...melting away...will you stay for Christmas?
Enjoy the magic, don't get stressed, look around you...we live in an amazing, wondrous world.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh Emma.....BRRRRRRRRRR! It is so cold looking!!!! But great shots there! I love the leaning snowman!

These photos are such a contrast to those shared in the warmer months. What a blessing to live in such a gorgeous part of our world!


Kay said...

fabulous shots...must be really cold for the snow to reach the sea....stay warm in those lovely boots..xx

Laura said...

Hi Emma! I love your shot!! It is fact they all are....simply beautiful!
Happy weekend!
:) Laura


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