Thursday, 3 December 2009

Keep Calm.....

My gorgeous ring!!

After a lot of telephone calls, and once I had stopped dancing around the room with hit me! I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! ARGGHHHHH

I could not be happier, but the thought of organising a wedding is, well...a tad daunting. I work with brides every day and have been a florist in the past but ....our own wedding? totally different, I have looked on a few websites, dipped my toes in the water.... WOW how much is that venue?? Maybe we will start playing the lottery!

The wonderful Dutchman and I have decided to keep things simple, fun and mainly handmade where possible. We do not have a stash of cash hidden away....sigh.... so a strict budget is required. It will be a challenge, but as long as we are having fun I really don't mind.

So all DIY ideas are welcome here.

On a Vintage Magpie Note... I was featured in You & Your Wedding Magazine Jan/Feb issue. I am stunned by the photo and the fact it is the biggest bouquet on the page. Once again YYW have done Vintage Magpie proud ~ Thank you....

...Plus having your work in a magazine means I had to buy said magazine, I'm off to read it from page to page with a big cup of tea.... all in the name of research I will have you know!


Kay said...

that picture in the mag looks amazing!!!! about the other thing...keep calm and carry on!!! all will be well.XX

Anonymous said...

Well done on the pic in the mag, it looks stunning and hope it brings business your way.

Re: your wedding. Absolutely do it your way. I actually quite enjoyed people saying 'What? You're not having bridesmaids?' and 'Really, no proper wedding cake' and 'Brownies? Eh?' Where would be the fun in following all the conventions?

Just stay focussed on what makes you both happy and do just that - then the day will be perfection.

Oh, and I found a VM bouquet completed my happiness on the day so trust you'll be having one?

Jude x

PS There's pretty snow falling on your site. Hope it doesn't hurt my bouquet!

Emma said...

thanks jude, we are going to do it just the way we want including a dutch cheese cake! its a whole lot of fun already~!

Thanks for your lovely words!

Emma xxx


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