Thursday, 12 November 2009


Do you see my header?

Well this is the lucky lady who's family pieces, love and ideas inspired me.

I have just received the most wonderful email from her... I'm sure she wont mind me quoting it to my wonderful blogger friends....

"I absolutely adored my bouquet and I had so many compliments, my guests were fascinated by the history within it and the memories it held for me. I rarely let go of it - when I did it was next to our brownies/cake and then next to the guest book in the evening so it could be admired by all!
I always knew that it meant a lot to me (and always will) but I hadn’t appreciated just how much comfort it would give me when I was faced with no family there on the day. I held my bouquet so tightly as I walked down the aisle for although they weren't actually physically there with me, I was holding onto things that bound us, and our memories, together. So I wasn't alone after all.

I can safely say my bouquet was definitely my most favourite thing about my wedding day and the bit that I will treasure and guard for the rest of my life (well, that and my husband of course!!). It is now proudly sat on our sideboard next to a wedding portrait and a dried hydrangea from our top table flowers. It twinkles in the light but is far away enough from the long haired moggie to be out of harm's way! I can't thank you enough for it, I loved it so much and will continue to as I grow old and grey with my new hubbie."

I really don't have to say anymore...I'm touched by her words...and incredibly proud.
Thank you Jude x


Kay said...

how wonderful!!! to make such an impact on someones wedding day with your fabulous talent is special indeed....Judes letter sent shivers down my spine....beautiful!!

Fabric and Lucy said...

how wonderful!!! you have clearly been such a large part of her very special day. you should be very proud! i wish i knew of you when i got married two years ago!

well done :) keep up the good work!

- lx

Anonymous said...

I am so honoured and lucky to have found the lovely Magpie to make my bouquet. The love, care and attention that went into it was incredible - I trusted you with so much of my heart and memories and you didn't let me down. You have a very special talent and I have no doubt it will continue to bloom and grow. Jude xxx
PS Not only did I make your blog but my bouquet made your header. YAY!!!!


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