Friday, 21 August 2009

Another tranformation...

...Well of the home decor kind!

After~ TA DA!!!

It was given to me by a lovely lady, purely because I wouldn't stop asking her if I could buy it from her!! She came up to me the other day, just after I had decided to stop hassling her, and told me if I could get it out I could have it!!! Exciting!!

I think it looks fab after it's make~over... it's in our hallway waiting for my new workroom to become free.

In case you want to know the paint is Homebase Sanctuary soft feather in matt. It took just one of their tester pots at £1.79...a bargain all round!

Talking of workrooms, I packed up the nest yesterday...I was a little sad about it...but after having a lie in and painting my chest today...I'm happy again!

Happy Weekend my lovelies xxx


Mandy said...

Love it xxx
How lucky are you to get it x

Kay said...

Wow Em that looks great!!! Have you filled it up yet!! xx

Martin said...

It looks great!
Amazing what a little bit of paint can achieve!


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