Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Positive & Productive

My walk home takes me past this beauty, with the azure sky....WOW!!

Some days can go in a flash and you wonder what the hell you have been up to...

Well not today.

I have cleaned and tidied my workshop, finding all sorts of things I had forgotten about. Like these lovely ladies... One has been adapted to hold needles, with a tiny cork in the bottom.

The Nest was filled with the dazzling sunlight of a gorgeous day waking up outside... The drawers were filled with rainbows.

I finished off 2 orders, and made a cake topper with fab cream butterflies. I also played around with a hair piece, feathers galore!!

Found the new May/June issue of You & Your Wedding has featured Vintage Magpie!! Isn't the photo so beautiful? A title WOW bouquets... who wouldn't be excited!!

Lots of positive comments on the nest, and a visit from a little lady who assured me my workshop was the sparkly-ist she had ever seen, and declared it beautiful! Well I'm glad she approved...I rather like it too!!

1 comment:

Kay said...

This is all so beautiful...well done!!!!... and I'm off the buy the magazine tomorrow!!!
Love & hugs xxx


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