Saturday, 18 April 2009

New ideas...

For a while now I have been wanting to try new ideas, but that little thing called time was never there. The most amazing fact about having a workshop is that you get to sit and play all day!

The Nest is proving to be an inspiration. Having all your bits and bobs to hand, never having to roam the flat trying to remember where I have put something. The fact that I have opening hours and simply have to be there is the best discipline a girl could have!

In the last week I have made; necklaces, bag/mobile phone charms, cake toppers, ring pillows and fascinators!

The skill of taking a photo of your head was lost on me... I must have looked an idiot in the shop today. But at least the fascinator looks good!! Unlike my nose...The Wonderful Dutch Man said that I must have been telling lies...... the cheek!! I'm blaming the angle!

My 'Hello lucky sailor boy' bag/mobile charm.

My 'Oh La La Paris' Necklace

As I have told you before 'The Secret' is a huge source of positive energy for me. This was my word of wisdom this morning.

Enjoy your weekend xxx

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