Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy St Valentines Day!!

Oh what a lovely surprise I got this morning.....

The Wonderful Dutch man is a florist, and to be honest, I should have expected flowers, but I really didn't!!

Then these beauty's turned up... need I say any more? Utterly gorgeous.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I hope you all had wonderful surprises awaiting you today. If not; go and treat yourself, spring flowers can only make you smile! xxx


Sea Angels said...

Hello Emma....M'mmmm I now have serious envy..I adore ranuculars...and do you know I can never find any!!.
You live in my home town :-( note the sad face, and I could always get anything in Brighton...not so were I live now, never mind...I am very pleased for you xxx.
Thankyou for your lovely comment and admiration of my work room..yes I do love having somewhere to play without having to worry about putting stuff away, it is fabulous, I am going to have a lovely wonderaround your pages now, I am in bed with a horrible bug so you have cheered me up big time xxxxx
Hugs Lynn xxx
Happy Vali Day x

kay said...

Lucky girl!!!

Sea Angels said...

Thanks for your lovely words, they did cheer me up xxxx
Lynn xx


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