Saturday, 10 September 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our's is growing like wild fire....

 The sweet peas are smelling divine....

I pulled the spring onions today...they may be small, but boy they are fierce!

Our ivy is taking over!

Some cute violas to add a touch of colour to the brick wall.

Crazy sweetpeas....

Giant Tomatoes....

Cherry tomatoes which are the size of golf balls

Scrummy scented David Austin roses....bliss!

Trailing 'snowflake' running a mock on the decking

Washed and ready for dinner!

I know it is only a fraction of what some peoples gardens can grow...however this is our first garden, we are new to this! The Wonderful Dutchman has super green fingers and is enjoying every second he spends out there. I however have just loved to grow the veg! We have had Salad, herbs, spring onions, rocket...and soon the tomatoes, however I might be making green tomato chutney!!! 

Has your garden been a delight this year?


Kay said...

you could make fried green tomatoes!! it all looks lovely.x

Liv Lundelius said...

i can't wait to have a garden one day.
i love our flat, but we don't have any outdoor space.
i started growing herbs in the windows though.

Emma said...

oh Liv, I know how you feel, our last flat was the same!
Its worth the wait believe me

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Bob, where are you? It is Fiona here....are you hiding behind the tomatoes? Tell your Mum that my Mom is loving the sweet peas that you have growing and look at those HUGE tomatoes! Ours are only green....terrible crop this year. But I like to nibble on them once in awhile.

Love you!!!


Duhgall and Mom, too


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