Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Is this our future?

I find myself unable to sleep....the news is just horrific. 3 night of 'riots' seeing children laughing at people smashing in businesses windows....throwing missiles at the police. 
One reporter stopped and ask a girl of no more than 13 why she was looting alcohol from a shop, her response? "cos its funny and there is nuffing else to do" and walks away laughing......shocked is nothing near how I feel when I see the adults of the future showing a complete disregard to any morals, and a total lack of respect for people property and their hard earned businesses.

These are their communities, their people, businesses which serve them.....what is the point? what is the reason? When you see mindless people destroying beautiful parts of London, you can help but ask....what have wronged these people so much, to make this type of destruction justified?

Families in there homes being under attack..... police, firemen, hospital staff all trying to help, calm and assist the victims. Turkish and south Asian communities creating their own police line to protect their areas.....sorry did someone say it is 2011?? 

But then a part of me thinks; when people have no jobs, no respect, no future, do they see this as a way to speak out to get some people to pay attention? 
When the government takes away their benefits which keep these people in food, because there is no work, and education is now coming at a huge cost....what do they have? 
A cry for help, albeit a disgusting one, but we as a nation have to listen to our disillusioned youth....these are our children....they are a direct reflection on our situation, the past neglect which is now our future.

I believe FAMILY is the key, I believe that we need to start from an early age to love our kids, to show them the way of a respectful, moral human being....the world doesn't owe us anything....you have to give something in order to benefit in the future. If we all brought up our kids with simple rules and discipline. Having to work hard for luxuries or pocket money maybe they would start to understand the cost of life, and that nothing should be offered on a plate. That it is far more beautiful when you have worked hard for something.

Mr Cameron you need to stop talking and start listening, realise that your actions and policies affect your people....that people cant survive on nothing.....they need jobs, education and something to be proud of....get you arse back from Tuscany and do your job properly man. We all want to help, we all want to be safe and happy.
You have the power, it's time to use it in the right way.

Images from here with thanks.
Go here for a wonderful blog post, who writes about the riots perfectly.


Martin & the Magpie said...

Beautifully written! I do believe too that family is the key, but is seems like families aren't a bond anymore, children seem to have become an accessory and parents can't discipline their children anymore. Our society is build on the basic fundaments that families represent, but if that's all gone, where's society going to end up?

Kay said...

well said!!


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