Thursday, 3 July 2008

Green thinking

Now in no way am I an Eco Warrior....I'm not like the lady who walks Brighton seafront, in her dungerees splashed with the words "The Eco Warrior is here", pulling out cola, and beer cans from the bins, and recycling them....she has dedication... but not something I would ever consider doing at 7am in the morning!
But it did get me thinking.... That my lovely Vintage Magpie is my own eco warrior business. I recycle, reuse, remake, I use a limited amount of new good in my designs... and they come out looking better than the new bouquets you can buy.
I was directed to a website story of stuff and although it is Amercian, the message is still valid on our little island... we simply buy too much, and throw away too much, simple but true. If we go back 50 years, or just ask our Grandmothers, we can see how much we have changed.

When I told my Grandma that I was starting to make my own clothes because I was fed up with the amount of choice, but never finding anything I like, she was delighted!! She told me that she ALWAYS made her clothes, right down to her undies... a true War child! But saying that, my mother was an art student, and she did the same (just not the undies!) and that was only in the 70's!! Why have we lost this way of life? I personally think it is a shame, but then I love to make thing, not everyone is the same, and I understand that.

But if we just thought about our consumser attitude it might get someone to just DO something to help for our future..... maybe not going through the bins I said pure dedication.... but hey she is a warrior!
I'm quite proud to say that my business is doing it's bit to help... not totally a green product... but no-one is perfect!!

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